Features of Zimbra to Adobe PDF Converter

selective zimbra tgz to pdf

Export Selective TGZ to PDF

While saving TGZ data files messages into Adobe PDF, the utility permits you to check or uncheck required Zimbra TGZ files. The application will make .pdf files for all selective TGZ file messages and if needed then, you can convert the whole folder having .tgz files in it. After Zimbra conversion, no changes in the Metadata, styling, formatting, etc. of the Zimbra mailbox .tgz files.

load email file

Load and Preview Email File Items

In manner to open and load Zimbra data files, you only need to locate the folder that contains TGZ files. Moreover, the application comes up with user-friendly interface to load all the data files. Once the files are loaded, the application allows to preview messages and attachments in exact form without compromising its quality.

file naming option

Select File Naming Option

Saving the TGZ files into Adobe PDF will give an option to select any desired file naming option. By default the utility will save the PDF file with Subject + Date (DD-MM-YYYY), but you can change it into various formats such as From + Subject + Date (YYYY-MM-DD) etc. It makes easy for users to store the data files accordingly.

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Software to Resolve Queries of User’s to Migrate Zimbra Files

Zimbra mail to PDF Converter software is programmed to resolve almost all the user’s query that how to move TGZ file to PDF file format without Zimbra installation on system. The utility is algorithm is a manner that it is completely standalone, as it does not need any external device to perform the data conversion. Zimbra mail to PDF migrator software retains the integrity of data after conversion. The application is completely safe and secure to convert all the Zimbra desktop data files to Adobe PDF file format. Moreover, the tool does not need Acrobat Adobe installation on the system to transfer the data files. However, to open and preview the converted data files the software requires Acrobat Adobe Reader on the system. The application supports all the version of Adobe as well as Windows OS.

How to Convert Zimbra TGZ to Adobe PDF?

You will see the window of Zimbra to PDF Migrator appeared on screen.

run the tool

Choose the Add Files or Add Folder option to add Zimbra TGZ data files on the software.

add files, folders

Browse the TGZ files from the stored location from the system to perform Zimbra emails to PDF conversion.

browse tgz

Once the files are loaded on the software panel, users can preview the messages and attachments in exact form. Click on Convert button to start conversion.

preview messages and attachments

Select the PDF file format, desired File Naming option and Destination Path for the storage of output data.

choose pdf file format

After completion of conversion, the utility will give a message of completion.

message of completion

After complete the process, software automatically opens destination folder of resultant PDF files as showing.

resultant pdf files

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FAQs about Zimbra to Adobe PDF Migration Process:

Usually the application does not take much time to import TGZ file to Adobe PDF format. However, its conversion speed totally depends upon the size of Zimbra file and configuration of the system on which the conversion is being executed.

There is no as such maximum size limitation for Zimbra .tgz files defined within the application. The tool can process TGZ files of any size and export them into .pdf format successfully.

Yes, you can convert Zimbra file without ZCS, as the utility only requires TGZ files for conversion.

Yes, sure PDF conversion option is specially added for forensics investigators to print Zimbra email information on a PDF document.