Features of Zimbra to Thunderbird Converter

complete zimbra to thunderbird conversion

Complete Conversion of TGZ files

Zimbra to MBOX converter is a flawless application to convert Zimbra .tgz files to Thunderbird .mbox files without losing any data. Now, users can easily read, view, and utilize all their Zimbra data in Mozilla Thunderbird. It performs complete transfer of data along with emails, address book, briefcase, task, calendars, notes, etc.

change tgz to mbox with batch

Batch Convert TGZ to MBOX File

Zimbra to MBOX Converter allows to import multiple TGZ files into Thunderbird .mbox file format at a time with accurate data without losing any information. This option gives an ease to the users by converting numerous of TGZ file to MBOX file format instantaneously. It benefits in saving the crucial time of users by converting several TGZ files to Thunderbird within minimum time.

keeps data integrity

Maintains Integrity of Converted Data

TGZ to Thunderbird is programmed in a way that it conserves the integrity of data after conversion of TGZ file. It keeps the Meta properties, formatting, attachments, folder hierarchy, etc. in original form. There will be no changes done with the original styling of data after conversion to .mbox file format.

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no thunderbird installation required

No Thunderbird Installation Required

While execution of conversion by using the application TGZ to Thunderbird converter, it is not significant to have the Mozilla Thunderbird installation on the machine. However, to open, preview, and explore converted data files, Thunderbird installation is essential. Otherwise, users will not be access the moved data files accordingly and will create an issue.

save data at desired location

Store Data at Required Place

To convert TGZ to MBOX, the software offers an option to store the converted Zimbra data files at required location on the machine. It is the most worthwhile feature as users can effortlessly manage all their converted data files at required place of hard disk and provides a facility to create a new folder to store the output data files.

supports all windows os

Accessible on All Windows OS

Zimbra to Mozilla Thunderbird converter is fully Windows based; users can get it to utilize on widespread range of Windows OS. It is compatible with all Windows editions like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc. It is operable on both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit OS that makes easy for users to switch all their data.

How to Import Zimbra to Thunderbird?

Download and launch Zimbra to Mozilla Thunderbird utility on your system. Then, open the software on your system.

run zimbra to thunderbird converter

Choose the desired option to browse file, i.e. Add File or Add Folder to add Zimbra data files on the application from storage location.

add tgz files

Select the required file to perform the Zimbra conversion. Before migration, the utility provides an option to preview the Messages and Attachments.

view files, folders

After that, click on Convert button then, you will get a window of export in which you can select option of Destination Path and then, click on the Convert button to begin the conversion.

choose mbox file format


The tool also gives option to import Zimbra contacts to Thunderbird separately. Select only Contacts folder from uploaded TGZ file and click on Convert option after that new screen will be open. Now select Contacts option and save as Thunderbird Contacts format at last press Convert button to start Zimbra contacts to Thunderbird conversion process as showing in screenshot.

thunderbird contacts

Once the Zimbra to Thunderbird conversion is done the tool will pop-up a completion message.

process done

After complete the Zimbra TGZ to MBOX format conversion, run Mozilla Thunderbird and choose ImportExport option to import resultant *.mbox file in Thunderbird email client.

Note That

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird email client doesn’t come with ImportExport option so first install Free Thunderbird ImportExport Tool.
  2. If you still want help regarding, how to import MBOX file in Thunderbird then watch live video.

import mbox file

What our clients says...

Some Technical FAQs about Zimbra to Thunderbird Conversion:

No, this software is a standalone application and does not have dependency on any type of application.

You can convert any number of TGZs into MBOX format one by one.

Yes, this tool can convert .tgz file of any size. There is no limitation on the number of emails, contacts, calendars, address book, etc. for conversion.

Yes, this software can be installed on any version of Windows OS successfully. Even, it supports the latest Windows 10 OS too.

Please follow few simple steps to import resultant contact file to Thunderbird

Step 1: — Start Mozilla Thunderbird email application and choose Address Book option

select address book


Step 2: — Select Tools << Import

select import


Step 3: — Choose Address Books, press Next to continue

choose address books


Step 4: — Select Text file (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt)

select text file


Step 5: — Select Comma Separated (*.csv) from drop down menu

select comma separated


Step 6: — Choose converted Thunderbird contacts file from your machine

choose converted thunderbird contacts


Step 7: — First record contains field names with Move Up and Move Down options

move up, down


Step 8: — Addresses successfully imported from Text file (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt), now press Finish button

press finish


Step 9: — Preview all contacts into Thunderbird Address Book with all details

preview all contacts