Why zMigrator to Convert Zimbra Files?

There are numerous reasons to opt this Zimbra Migration Wizard. Zimbra Converter software migrates Emails, Address Book including Contacts & Groups, Calendars, Tasks and Briefcase data with complete meta-data.

Migrate Zimbra Emails using Zimbra Converter

Convert All mailboxes of Zimbra exported *.tgz files to several formats

preview emails

Convert into Multiple Formats

Zimbra Converter supports email migration into more than 10 common email file formats. It converts exported Zimbra TGZ files into multiple formats i.e. saving formats

export all folders

Maintains Folder Structure

Tool exports all folders of Zimbra mailboxes including system defined folders (inbox, sent, drafts, trash etc) and user defined folders (custom name) without any size and no of emails limit.

maintain mail components

Keeps Email Components

While transfers tgz file emails into any file format, software keeps all properties like send date, time, received date, time, cc, bcc, to, from, subject, signature, headers, attachments, inline images & all.

Convert Zimbra Contacts to vCard or Other Contact Formats

Convert All contacts from TGZ File into different formats

zimbra into multiple format

Export into Multiple Format

zMigrator exports Zimbra contacts into more than 5 format. Software converts Zimbra contacts into vCard, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail & Yahoo mail directly.

export details of contact

Export All Details of Contact

zMigrator exports contacts including all details such as: Name, Address, Telephone Numbers, Email Addresses, Web Links, Photos, Logos, Company name and other All fields.

convert group contact

Convert Group Contacts

Software allows contacts conversion of Group and distribution list. Zimbra Converter keeps all groups and distribution list same as previous while transfers Zimbra address book.

Convert Zimbra Calendar to ICS with All Details

Export All calendar entries from Zimbra .tgz into standard .ics format

export in ics format

Export in standard format

Software allows conversion of calendars into ICS file format that is a standard file format to move calendars from one mail client to another.

export all entries

Export All Entries

Tool exports all entries of calendars including events, reminders and others. Any year calendar entries can be transferred using zMigrator.

recurrence calendars

Keep Recurrence Calendars

Calendars entries having recurrence functioning can be successfully transferred and maintained using the Zimbra Migration Wizard.

Export All Items of Zimbra Server & Client

Transfer Other All Components from Exported TGZ File

migrate task

Migrate Task/To-do List

zMigrator supports task migration of Zimbra collaboration server (ZCS) and desktop client as well. To-do list created at any year can be moved using this tool.

migrates briefcase components

Migrate Briefcase Files

Zimbra Migration Wizard converts documents, files and all data stored inside Zimbra briefcase. It converts each item into mail format and embed that document as attachment.

zimbra notes migration

Convert Notes with Attachment

Tool is built with functioning of notes migration. It moves all Zimbra notes including attachments without altering any information.

Pricing of zMigrator

Find Out the different licenses and their pricing of Zimbra Converter utility.

Features Standard License Corporate License Enterprise License
Migrates Zimbra Emails
Migrates Zimbra Calendars
Migrates Zimbra Contacts
Migrates Zimbra Tasks / Notes
Migrates Zimbra Briefcase Documents
Converts Zimbra Group / Distribution List
Convert Zimbra Attachments & Images
Multiple Language Option
Batch Zimbra Migration
No. of Users 05 100 500
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

How zMigrator Works to Convert Zimbra TGZ Files?

Get an overview of Zimbra mailbox migration process through screens

launch zimbra migration wizard

Step 1 : Browse Exported Zimbra (*.TGZ) Files.

preview zimbra mailboxes

Step 2 : Preview Data before Zimbra Email Migration Process.

choose saving format

Step 3 : Select Desired Format and Start Zimbra Migration

Commonly Asked Questions?

No, Zimbra Converter allows browsing of tgz files directly.

Zimbra Converter is fully compatible with every version of Zimbra Desktop - 1.0, 2.0, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 etc., Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) – 8.0, 8.5, 8.6, 8.7 (new) as well as it supports migration from Zimbra Web Client (ZWC).

The file size doesn't matter to migrate by using this Zimbra Conversion Tool. Our team is successfully tested it with up to 4 TB TGZ file.

The Standard License of this software allows to convert one Zimbra *.tgz file at a time while Corporate and Enterprise License allow to migrate multiple *.tgz files..

Yes, you can convert encrypted TGZ files using zMigrator.

What our clients says...

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